Detector Arrays—InGaAs APD

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Our InGaAs APD detector arrays—which are offered in formats up to 1K x 1K—use backside illumination to achieve low capacitance, high speed, and low dark noise.

Key Product Features

  • High Performance: Fabricated using Voxtel’s high-performance APD technologies
  • Fast Optical Overload Recovery: Enabled by backside-illuminated mesa detector architecture
  • Highly Uniform Response
  • Good Radiation Tolerance
  • Low-pixel-defect Count
  • Custom pixel microlens arrays for increased fill factor

Detector Array Specifications and Part Numbers

MaterialArray SizePixel PitchGainFeaturesPart Number
InGaAs128 x 12842 µm20Backside-illuminated, mesa architecture
Deschutes APD array
InGaAs128 x 12842 µm45Backside-illuminated, mesa architecture
Siletz APD array