Press Releases

Voxtel's Ultra-Miniature Eye-Safe Laser Rangefinder Module Provides OEM Integrators Unprecedented Size, Weight and Power Advantages
Micro-LRF Achieves Single-Shot Ranging to 5 km with 200-mm Precision 05/22/2014
Voxtel Introduces Lowest Cost 64-channel Time-to-digital Converter
High-energy event time-stamp can reduce the cost of military systems04/25/2013
Voxtel Awarded Contract to Develop New Optical Technologies for NASA
Light-steering techniques will break the half-millennium standstill in optical lens technology and open a new field of transformational optics.04/09/2013
Voxtel Introduces New Family of Lowest-cost, Highest-performance, Eye-safe Laser Rangefinder Receivers
A highly sensitive avalanche photodiode (APD) receiver with integrated functionality establishes a new price–performance benchmark for rangefinding applications04/04/2013
Voxtel Wins DARPA MGRIN-II Award
Voxtel has received a 9-month contract to develop ink jet printed gradient index optics.07/18/2012
Voxtel’s Innovation Powers a Next-Generation Solar Cell
First-ever practical demonstration of advanced solar collection technique published in Science07/18/2012