About Voxtel

Our primary facilities are located in Beaverton, OR, and include all of the equipment, software tools, and instrumentation to support the development of electro-optical devices and systems. As a supplier of electro-optical devices and instruments, Voxtel’s core investment is in the design tools and test equipment necessary to support our customers.

In addition, Voxtel has established its private wet labs and organic processing capabilities at the Lorry Lokey facility located on the University of Oregon campus. In addition to the semiconductor, photolithography, nanofabrication and bio-optics labs our private wet labs are co-located with, the collaborative center houses a variety of high-technology analytical instruments maintained and operated by the University of Oregon’s Center for Advanced Materials Characterization in Oregon (CAMCOR).

Creating a unique blending of academic and industrial perspectives, in addition to a multiplicity of technical viewpoints, Voxtel is helping to solder the bond between fundamental and applied research.